Forbes Thought of the Day…

“ There is no greater cause of melancholy than idleness.”
~ Robert Burton





So what are you going to do today? 

Don’t just sit there and CHOOSE to be depressed!

Need help?  Call me!


About Kathleen Mangiafico

I'm a Certified Relationship Systems Coach. This unique niche works with the emotional field of “The Relationship”... helping it define what's working and what's not! A Systems Coach does not dispense advice or decide who's wrong, but rather creates awareness for what is wanting to happen next! With over a decade of corporate relationship experience, 20 culturally rich years of marriage, and 3 vivacious boys later, I have the expertise to shift your perspective from: “Who's Doing What to Whom?” to “What's Trying to Happen for the Relationship?” Getting aware of how you FEEL and what you THINK, guarantees changes in: Anger/Anxiety Issues ~ Marital/Family Issues ~ Bullying Problems ADD/ADHD/ODD Disorders ~ Healthy Lifestyle Changes ~ Thought Leadership Development. Proven results with individuals, couples, families and organizations. Kathleen can be reached at or 860-869-8468.
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